Personalize Your Firearm With Unique Glock Slide Plate Options

There are many ways to augment the functionality of your Glock, but nothing beats the efficacy of the personalized slide plate. Glock slide plates are small plates attached to the rear of the gun. The primary function of a slide plate is to disassemble the firearm, but the plain surface area can be a great background to your creativity. A personalized slide plate not only adds to the aesthetical value of your gun but makes it distinct from other Glocks. It adds a personal touch to your firearm and makes a style statement.

Why Personalize Your Firearm?

To add to your personality and style, personalizing your gun with unique Glock slide plates will take your standard firearm to a fine artwork. Apart from aesthetic extravagance, a personalized gun with a slide plate will enhance overall handling by providing additional texture and improving the grip. The quest for making the firearm as unique as possible has led many to experiment a little, especially with the slide plate options. It is the only area of the gun where you can try new things without hindering the optimal functionality of the gun.

Here Are Some Themes Of Slide Plate Personalization of your Glock

USA Flag

The USA flag slide black plate is the number one choice of veterans. For patriots, it is the go-to theme for slide plates. It signifies the love and respect you carry for your country. The slide consists of a prototype of the USA flag with all its 30 stars and looks iconic from a close distance. The USA flag slide plate is a great EDC accessory to carry whenever you venture outside.

USA Flag

Psalms on the back plate

As a print, Psalms make a great choice for those believing in the love of Christ. Psalms serve as a wisdom-filled natural source of knowledge. The reciting of beautiful hymns just before you practice with your gun will fill you with courage and boundless love for humanity. There are a lot of hymns to choose from in our iconic back-slide plate series. These Psalms will nudge you to use the potentially dangerous weapon carefully.

Camouflage Imprint

Camouflaged prints on the back of the slide are also popular for many, particularly firefighters and military personnel. It gives a distinctive and iconic look to your Glock. The imprints come in plenty of camouflage designs like green forest or grey woodland. Stand apart from the crowd with the unique camouflage of your choice.


Monograms have become the hottest choice these days, as a single monogram has wide connotations and more than one meaning. The symbols hide in them the meaning that may be relevant to you. Monograms give your Glock a classic and vintage look.


Artwork By Famous Artists

This is another Glock slide plate imprint favored by art aficionados. The Glock slide plate features the miniature form of famous artworks by great artists. It depends on the individual what type of art he or she prefers. Abstract artistic symbols suit well on the Glock and give it a mysterious hue. Personalize your Sidearm with abstract art miniature and delve deep into the possible meaning behind it whenever you see your Glock.

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Special Numbers and Pop Culture Themes

You can get your favorite number slide plate that holds a special significance for you. Numbers indeed hold special and spiritual significance in everyone’s life. What better opportunity to get the imprint of the same to your sidearm? Having the number on your gun’s slide plate also looks cool. Pop lovers will find it irresistible not to put their famous artist's image or quote on the sidearm's back slide plate. It gives an indie look to your Glock.


A sidearm is not just for firing bullets. It carries a certain aura and style statement. If you adorn it well with a beautifully personalized slide plate, it will reflect your brighter side to the onlooker. The key point is that safety should always be the first concern when modifying a sidearm. You should adhere to the applicable laws diligently.

Regarding personalizing the side arm with unique slide plates, you should blindly rely on the Bastion high-quality custom laser-engraved slide-back plates for Glocks. There are more than 100 designs on highly durable 6061-T6 anodized aluminum.

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