EDC Accessories For Men: Style And Functionality Combined

Style statement has evolved greatly as society unfolds different dimensions and hues at every turn. With the advent of E-commerce, a new style is just a click away. There is an ocean to choose from, rightly so, every man has unique taste and style in this age.

EDC gears have become an important part of the style statement of men. What was initially just a hobby with few followers has evolved into a full-blown style statement. EDC is an acronym that stands for everyday carry, and it encompasses in its fold all the items you need to carry to meet the exigencies of everyday life. Most importantly, the emergency parts that life throws at you.

EDC nowadays is not just limited to a handful of survivalist tools but has become a fashion statement with great functionality.

EDC Accessories That Men Need to Take a Look

Mobile Phone

Mobile phone is the ultimate repository of all the great tools and apps. Mobiles have already made redundant many tools. You can make the most of it with the right set of utility apps installed. Though it is given that everyone carries a smartphone, only some make full use of the functionality it offers. Carry the handset with the battery fully charged and add a style statement to your persona.

EDC Watch

Carrying a wristwatch signifies both a style statement and essential functionality. You can keep track of time and micro-manage and compartmentalize your time for better time management and efficiency. Time is not what the clock shows but how we see and utilize it.

EDC Watch


EDC Knives

A knife as a tool has been a great companion for the man since the early days. A knife is a multifunctional tool that has varied uses. It depends solely on your thinking ability about how innovatively you can use a pocket knife in different situations. It can be used as a tool in self-defense to cut ropes, fruits, etc. Carry a pocket-sized knife that perfectly aligns with your style statement as well.

EDC Wallet

Though it is granted that everyone carries a wallet in some form, only some have a stylish EDC-compliant wallet. A wallet is used to carry your cards and cash. The fundamental point is to keep it minimalist. Choose a slim wallet that can easily fit in the front pocket and complements your handbag.


A flashlight is a handy EDC accessory, especially when your phone’s battery dies. In an emergency, it can be the difference between life and death. Whether you intend to find something or signal to your mates in the jungle about your location, the torch makes its utility felt. Carry a modern-day high luminosity, a small-sized torch that doesn’t eat your EDC gear's space.


Another EDC item that reflects utility and style statement is a pen. Though its utility has fallen in this age, people still use it. Moreover, it also has a multifunctionality. It can be used as a measuring tool, a straw for sipping, Pointed weapon in case of self-defense. Carry the modern and luxurious one that complements your style well.



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Ideas don’t have a timeframe, and they can stuck anywhere to anyone at any time. So it is advisable to carry a small notebook to jot down ideas. Over time, you will see drastic changes in the quality of your ideas that will work wonders in your work life. A specially designed and beautifully bonded notebook also adds to the charm of your personality.

Handkerchief And First-aid Kit

A first aid kit is an essential EDC item as you never know what the day is for you today. A compact first aid kit with medicinal supplies, bandages, syringes, and scissors will definitely aid you in an emergency. Conversely, a handkerchief can be used for cleaning something or wiping the sweat from your face.


Having a great understanding of your EDC gear will definitely make your life easy. Regularly modernizing and updating the EDC gear will perpetually make you battle-ready against adversaries life throws at you. We at Bastiongear specialize in EDC gears. You can find the best quality EDC gears for all your needs at affordable prices. Our products add to the utility and have a style quotient of their own.

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