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Globo Surfer Review Of Our Bastion Braza D2 Steel Blade Mini Bro

A pocket knife can be useful in a wide variety of different situations. It is ideal of any outdoor adventure but trying to get a good level of use into a small space and often be a challenge. A lot of pocket knives fail in this regard and simply aren’t as good as they could be.

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We've brought our awesome knives indoors ... you're welcome!

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Damn cool combo tool is here for your DYI Glock upgrade!

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Bastion brings to you a vast and diverse range of premium quality EDC accessories and gear. Our product line includes knives, wallets, pocket tools, custom gun parts and accessories. Bastion was established in 2012 and since then we and our product range have only grown. We cater to all your EDC gear needs effectively, becoming your single, go-to resource for any tool or gear you might need in your EDC.

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Be it a wallet, pocket knife, pistol or rifle, these items define you. We are sure that you will find something worthy to be a part of your EDC in our extensive line of gear. At Bastion, we test and use our gear on daily basis to make sure every single item is perfect in its design and functionality. Read completely

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