Pocket Size Preparedness: EDC Gears For The Modern Adventurer

Did the adventure bug bite you? And now you are planning to head out to the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, to explore the intricacies of mother nature. The explorer in you has been waiting for a long for this day and now you are geared up with your large backpack and essential equipment.

But your preparation is only half done without the EDC gears full of pocket-sized handy items. Pocket-sized items are simple and convenient to carry but bring great functionality and versatility to your side. They can sometimes mean the difference between life and death in threatening and demanding situations. The jungle with its harsh environment will break you down if you are not prepared enough to meet the demanding exigencies that the wilderness will throw at you.

Pocket-sized essentials you need to carry to make your adventure easy

Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss army knife is a multitool that comes in handy in each of your expeditions. With a variety of tools to choose from, the Swiss army knife will surprise you with its multi-functionality on many occasions. Equipped with sharp knives, screwdrivers, bottle openers, scissors, pliers, etc, this gear becomes must have when heading outdoors.

Swiss Army Knife

Pocket-Sized EDC Torch

Torch is an essential EDC item that should be in your repository. The torch will help you keep and find trails after the dark. It will help in clearing and setting up a camping site in the late evening. Modern-day LED backlit torches have great brightness and battery efficiency and also they can be fitted into the pockets easily so they become your best bet. A torch is your best companion when it gets dark in the jungle.

Painkillers And Bandages

The first aid kit is a little too much to carry in already a crumbed space when heading out for an adventure. Bandages and painkillers will make up for the first aid kit most of the time. It is inevitable that during your stay in the jungle, you will develop body aches, cramps, and sometimes even pain. When traversing through bushes you may get minor cuts and bleeds. Sometimes even using the knife you may accidentally injure yourself so painkillers and bandages are of vital importance. Even if you don’t end up using them, you can always help the one who is ill-prepared and carries no such items.

Matches And Fire Starters

Fire is a necessity in the jungle. You need fire for warmth, signaling, and cooking purposes. It also scares the animals away. It is given that you should carry matches and firelighters with you especially if you have planned to spend nights in the wilderness. Remember nights in the jungle are very different from the days.

Waist Bag

A waist bag is an essential piece of gear for wilderness adventures. It allows you to keep small, important items close at hand and secured around your waist. Useful items to store include a compass, map, flashlight, lighter, knife, first aid supplies, insect repellant, sunscreen, snacks, phone, wallet, pepper spray, and a multi-tool. The waist bag keeps your hands free for climbing, hiking, gathering firewood, and other tasks. Its weather-resistant material protects contents. The compact size and front-access pouch makes retrieving items convenient without removing the entire bag. Overall, a well-stocked waist bag brings peace of mind and readiness for whatever situations may arise off the beaten path.

Compass And Compact Binoculars

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to the use of a compass in the wilderness. It is very easy to get lost and forget the sense of direction in the jungle.

Get closer to Mother Earth with small EDC binoculars. Binoculars will let you have clear views of scenery, wildlife, birds, and mountains which will make your adventure trip even more memorable. 

Compass And Compact Binoculars


When venturing into the remote wilderness, carrying a gun can provide critical protection and sustenance. A gun enables self-defense against dangerous wildlife that may attack, such as bears, wolves, or mountain lions. It also allows hunting small game to supplement limited food supplies. A gun can be used for signaling help if lost or sending warnings to potentially threatening wildlife. Additionally, the mere presence of a firearm provides a sense of security when facing the unknowns of the untamed wilds. However, guns in the wilderness require great caution and responsibility as improper use can lead to tragic outcomes.

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With the essential pocket-sized EDC gears, you will be in a position to tackle any of the adversaries the jungle throws at you. You will find your pocket-sized tools functioning in innovative ways whether you are out camping. Hiking, or hunting.

We at Bastiongears specialize in EDC gears for all your versatile needs ranging from daily carry essentials to more sophisticated gear for rough outdoor activity. With Bastiogear EDC, you can fall back on pocket-sized tools at the time of the demanding hour. Our products will never fail to deliver cutting-edge functionality when outdoors in the wilderness.

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