Thoughtful and Creative Gift Ideas for Outdoor Travellers

Do you have anyone in your family or friend circle who loves traveling or hiking? Wanderlust is an amazing thing and you’ll love traveling to new places and exploring the beauty of our nature. One important thing is you must have all the necessary EDG gear and equipment if you frequently travel.

Over 60% of people prefer hiking as a stress-buster in their daily life. From camping accessories to trekking shoes, a portable torch to shoes, you must be equipped properly for a stress-free and comfortable journey. In this post, we’ll check out some creative and useful gift ideas for outdoor travelers.

Creative & Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Consider the following gift ideas for travel fanatics. These are both creative and useful that’ll make life easier on your outdoor tours.

Automatic Watch

Almost every person nowadays can be seen wearing smart, digital watches. EDC automatic watches are durable and will last long on your tours. Additionally, smartwatches are really helpful as they offer many of your smartphone’s functions through the watch.

You can use it for navigation and checking out nearby areas. You can also easily make and receive calls through a smartwatch. Other than just telling the time, a smartwatch will help travelers with so many things during their travel.

Automatic Watch

Portable Camera or GoPro

Who doesn’t love capturing pictures and videos when traveling or hiking at a beautiful place? You can gift an instant camera or video recorder that is easy to carry and will help you capture amazing memories of your trip.

A GoPro is loved by outdoor enthusiasts as it is easy to carry while hiking, trekking, and even underwater. They have a great battery life and you can easily recharge these devices when they run out of battery.

A Rifle or Gun

For someone who regularly treks deep into jungles or loves hiking in the mountains, a rifle or a gun can come in handy. In remote areas, you won’t find many people and it is easy to come across thieves and criminals.

Also, there is a risk of wild animals attacking you when you are in a jungle or other unprotected areas. A rifle will offer you safety and you’ll feel confident when traveling in dangerous locations. Other than a gun, make sure to have all necessary rifle accessories and equipment as well.

Water Purifying Bottle

Health always comes first and when you are traveling to remote outdoor areas, there is a possibility you don’t have access to clean food and drinking water. For such situations, a portable water purifying bottle comes in handy.

It’s both easy to store and carry and will purify the water you put inside it. If you fall sick while touring, all the fun will be ruined and you’ll have a bad experience. A portable water purifying bottle will take care of your health and ensure a safe journey for you.

Water Purifying Bottle

AirBNB Gift Cards

Most people these days opt for an AirBNB instead of outdated hotel rooms. It is a great way to spend time comfortably while you see the world and experience natural beauty all around. You and your friends can stay together and have a memorable time together.

Purchase AirBNB gift cards for your loved ones that will offer them great discounts when booking an AirBNB. Depending on their travel needs, you can go for gift cards ranging from $25 to $500.

Travel Planner Notebook

A great gift idea is a travel planner notebook that also features maps and routes to several hiking and trekking locations. It will help you plan your travel in a better manner and you can also write down your itinerary and other things you want to remember.

Make sure to pair the travel planner with an EDC bolt action pen that is easy to store and use. These notebooks come in different styles and designs and you can choose the one that suits your aesthetic. You can easily carry them in your travel bags as they don’t take up much space.

Sleeping Bags & Portable Toilets

People who camp will love having a sleeping bag for themselves. Even in remote, uncomfortable places, a sleeping bag will keep them warm and help them take a peaceful sleep.

Also, in the wild or the hills, you may not find a proper place to go to the toilet. A portable toilet is really helpful and also protects nature from unnecessary waste.


Traveling fuels the soul and fills your body with positive energy and happiness. Some people regularly spend their time outside traveling to remote areas or trekking in the hills.

If you have a friend or family member who loves traveling, you can consider gifting them some of the useful things we discussed above. They are creative and useful at the same time. Anyone you gift these essential EDC gears to will surely love them.

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