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Great product.

Finish looks great and it fit perfect.

very helpful customer service

I had 2 orders placed, one for a pen and one for ink, that wouldn't ship to the same address. Without being promoted they emailed me and asked to clarify/verify shipping. Great customer service and a badass pen to top it off with! But I do wish the new pens had an option for blue ink. Oh well.


Great products easy to install and they look great!! Doesn’t hurt to share the name, just wished they sold stickers!!


Great stuff and perfectly made.

Mag release

Great fit. Easy installation. Much easier to have a full release of 10/22 mags.

Great product yet terrible shipping price

Brought myself an amazing REGAL RED bolt action pen that is something special for 30 bucks! Love the pen!
What sucked was that the shipping cost 45 bucks for a single pen! More then the pen even cost. Amazing pen but reap crap shipping prices.

Perfect Fit

I wanted a little bling on my new M&P M2.0, and not only did this backplate fit the bill, it fit the firearm perfectly. Easy drop in, no function problems, in a perfect price point.

Great AR products

Really fun upgrade easy to install

Great fit and easy to install

Put this on my EDC. Paint hasn't scratched off, fit was perfect, easy install. Price is about the same as anywhere else. No complaints from me.

AR upgrade

Really fun and easy to install AR parts

Bastion Gear AR Parts

As always, Bastion Gear has competitive prices and fast shipping.

Pencil, ball point pen and fountain pen

I wondered why the pencil and pen were so heavy until I read a great article on weighted pens being a self defense tactical device. I can see how they could be very effective. And I really like the bolt action.
I ordered the fountain pen in aluminum rather than stainless steel and was surprised how light it is. I thought about exchanging it but decided to keep it. It writes nicely, but I was disappointed that the cover cannot be posted on the pen when writing. Otherwise I like it and I think the trio is a nice addition - defense wise and writing wise.

AR15 Customized Dust Cover

ordered several of these dust covers for some of my rifles, they arrived quickly, look well made. No issues with ordering or shipping. I have not installed them yet but it's on my to do list for this week.

GREY Titanium - Bastion Bolt Action Pen

They need to make these

I received my magazine pouch and added grommets to it along with a magnetic hook set from HF and it hangs nicely on my safe. Used this way it holds all my long mags and organizes nicely!

Mag Release

Awesome product at a great price. Get one!

Awesome Pens!!!

I purchased my first Bastion gear pen a month ago and immediately, this pen jumped to the top of my EDC pens. I use them every day for notes at home and for work. These pens are comfortable and durable. The ink that comes with them works well in room temperature weather, but I have not yet used it in cold temperatures. Oh and I now have three Bastion pens (aluminum, titanium and stainless).

Aluminum pen

Like it a lot & much lighter than my stainless pen I got from Bastion.

Awesome products

I have slide back plates on three of my pistols, all purchased from Bastion. They fit like factory and I love the workmanship. Will definitely be buying more in the future.

Stainless Steel 4-Pin Kit For Glock Models 17-41 Gen 4

At last I can field strip my S&W SD9EV

For a few dollars and about thirty seconds of my time I am now able to easily remove the slide from my SD9. That dinky little slide release lever provided by S&W is totally not up to the job. Not so with the replacement from Bastion. It provides a good grip and looks good besides - being nicely machined and colored. With free shipping I figured I'd wait a week or two to get the part.
Not so - I had it in three days. Great job Bastion!


Installed two new dust covers, and three new pistol bits with inspirational Biblical verses. Simple to do and super high quality.

Pirate - For Glock 9mm .40 Cal - Magazine Base Plate, Flat

Dust Cover

Great quality and worth the cost.

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