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new stuff on old rifle

i bought my 10/22 used at a gun show 39 years ago. it works just as advertised. pretty easy to put on. see the usa in a chevrolet america is asking you to call. drive your chevrolet through the usa. this proves i am old.

Great service

Great service and people is really eager to help you get everything you want for your rifle

Laser engraving

Item was almost perfect. The flag was not exactly straight and center of the rear slide but over all my order was perfect.

AR-15 Ejection Port Cover

Item exactly as described and shipped Lightning Fast!

Great little micro knife!

A sharp little pocket companion! Wish I would have bought a couple more, would make an excellent gift.

Glock backplate and dust shield for ar 15

Excellent products. Fast shipping. Items received were exactly what the web site advertised. Couldn't be happier.

Extended Mag Release For Ruger 10/22 Short - Bastion Skull

Personal touch

I bought this for a good friend and it fits perfectly. He loves it, support your veteran friends!

Glock combo tool

Great tools

Free sample

Above what was expected!! Awesome!!!!


I am in love with it I can’t put it down such high quality

Very impressive

When I seen the knife on the website I knew I had to get it ... I have the braza in S35VN steel and it's a great knife so I was hoping that the persuader would be as good, and it's is ... Very nice fit and finish and I am a collector with many knives and the fit and finish on this is better than most of my knives three times this price easily! It's got the right amount of detent in my opinion, great centering and very comfortable in the hand and smooth closing. Very impressive especially at this price.

As expected

Everything I ordered has worked perfectly and looks great
I will definitely order again from these guys

Bastion Bolt Action Pen - Stainless Steel

Not disappointed but not completely in love.

So I ordered the mini braza cleaver and the carbon fiber bolt action pen. The knife was a little smaller than I pictured, even with the correct measurements. However, it's still awesome. Pretty damn sharp, outrageous lockup with zero play, yet still pretty quick deployment. The pen, yeah, most definitely larger and heavier than I expected. The cartridge it came with didnt write for nothing and I ended up going out and finding the parker quink replacement right away. Managed to get the standard fine and the medium gel version, now it writes like a pen should. I thought about returning it due to the weight and the original cartridge but I figured "hell" give it a shot and find a better cartridge and now I'm okay with it. Still cant say I love it, but I normally write with stuff like the space pen, parker jotter, and similar sizes.

Bastion Bro Cleaver micro pocket knife

The knife came very well wrapped and protected. Nice packaging. Opening the knife is easy and closing it with the frame lock is fine. I added a 3 inch leather fob to the end of the knife. I makes it easy to find in my pocket and adds the extra length as I use the knife. I cut apart some boxes. I found the that the edge dulled rather quickly. I have a leather strop with compound that I use for my planes and chisels. I took a few swipes on the strop and now it seems to be sharper. Time will tell. I did notice that the blade is a bit loose when closed. Only friction holding it closed. I am just a little bit more careful with it. All in all, a nice little pocket/utility knife.

Love the stuff from Bastion

All items as promised
I will order from them again

Always great

Great quality, great customer service, very fast shipping!

Rear Slide Plate For Glock 42 - Iron Cross

Awesome upgrade

A simple , but great upgrade. Better then factory rear slide plate. I Already ordered another one and with Bastion Gear Great customer service I know it will be here soon!

Description not true

It is a fine piece. It’s easy to install and looks good but if you are ordering for a Glock 21 or 30 it won’t work.