Certain conditions / situations may impact eligibility for return / exchange.


Inspect the part to confirm it is the same size/shape as the original part on your firearm or that it will fit into the space where the part is intended.  If the part does not match the original / space, return to the product listing from which you made the purchase and carefully review to ensure you purchased under the correct listing OR you are clear about which model firearm you own. If you have made a purchasing error, you can either return for refund or exchange. Exchange is available if we have the applicable part for your model.  Send return request using the instructions in CONTACT US section below.


Our parts are brand new when shipped.  They are enclosed in protective blister packaging that shields them from damage while in transit. Inspect parts prior to installation and communicate any issues to us immediately by following instructions in CONTACT US section below. Failure to do so will impact eligibility for return or exchange.


Please review our installation videos available from our online store:


Slide Back Plates:  BEFORE installation, inspect part.  If you find an issue, do not install and immediately contact us (see instructions below). Installation: Perform a full take down to install a slide back plate.  If you install while the slide is still attached to frame you will likely experience install problems and the slide back plate will not snap smoothly into the socket.

Our plates are engraved using a fixture that does not allow for movement of the parts. Please inspect plate before installation. Review design in relation to plate ‘lines’ (top and bottom of plate). If after installation the design suddenly appears crooked, then the plate is not installed properly. The plate’s skewed angle is noticeable because of the design. The plate is not pushed all the way up into the groove evenly left to right and is sitting at a slight angle. Typically, it sits at a clockwise slant – meaning the right side of the plate appears to slope down. Look at the plate rather than the design to ensure that it is installed correctly.  The top of the plate should be pushed all the way to the top of the slot and the bottom of the plate should be sitting straight in the socket.

A quick fix is to use the flat-head end of a screwdriver wrapped with a protective piece of thin material and carefully push the bottom of the plate up on the side slanting down. If it does not push into place, it may be due to the pressure on the back plate that is stopping it from moving all the way up into the socket.  When this happens, we advise performing a re-install.  

Magazine Base Plates: BEFORE installation, inspect part.  If you find an issue, do not install and immediately contact us (see instructions below).  Video review of a mag plate install is especially important given that our plates are metal and not flexible like the plastic OEM base plates.  Our plates fit snug but should never be forced on during installation. Watch our video before installation to learn the easiest way to install metal magazine base plates.


You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return for refund or exchange.  Paid return labels are only provided for manufacturer defects and in cases where we shipped a part that did not match the original order.  Buyers are responsible for the cost of return shipments. To expedite resolution, send clear pictures of the plate(s) including our bar code to confirm the part is ours.  For product issues, the picture must include clear evidence of claim.  Email pics and brief description of the issue to: Include PRODUCT ISSUE in the subject line.


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