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What is the Bastion Rewards program?

Bastion Rewards customers with points on every purchase made online at Bastion Gear. Points are offered only on product purchases, not on shipping, custom engraving fees, etc.

How do I enroll?

Just follow this link: Set up your account now!

Become a Rewards Member and earn one point per dollar spent. 

Is it free to join Bastion Rewards? 

Yes! There's no cost and no credit card application to become a Bastion Rewards Member.  You simply need to provide your full name, and email address. It's that easy!

How do I know if I'm a Bastion Rewards Member?

When you enroll in Bastion Rewards by sharing your full name, and email you're considered a "member" of Bastion Rewards.

How does it work?

As you generate purchases, your rewards points will "show" during your shopping experience.  On each product page, you will see information about the number of points needed to purchase the item.  When you have enough points saved, a button will appear letting you know you can redeem your points to purchase the product.  Otherwise, the screen informs you how many points short you are in being able to redeem your rewards to purchase the item.

What do I get with my Rewards points?

You will earn points with every purchase, when you are ready they can be easily redeemed for credit within our store at

Do Rewards points expire?

Only if you choose to close your account with us.




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