Top Must-Have Accessories For Glock Upgrades

Owning a Glock can be a meaningful thing. Perhaps it’s been passed down to you from older generations, or perhaps it’s something you treasure and use regularly. Most people who own and value a Glock handgun like to accessorize them. This can be beneficial in putting your personal ‘stamp’ on your gun and letting others know who you are and what you stand for. There are many accessories available that can help you improve the user experience and also customize the appearance of your handgun.

Many manufacturers produce accessories that carry specific images and statements that can communicate a lot about a person in a short space of time. For example, some accessories such as slide back plates and magazine base plates, have enough blank space to feature images such as the USA flag and symbols of veterans. These can quickly communicate the user’s patriotism and pride in their country and heritage. Others may feature statements such as Christian psalms or famous phrases so they can let others know their religious position or thoughts about a particular issue. Others still may feature images that are designed to keep others at a distance—such as a skull and crossbones—or a humorous anecdote, letting people know the user doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular must-have Glock accessories.

Must-Have Glock Accessories

Slide Back Plates

These days you can purchase DIY upgrades to your Glock pistol including high-quality, custom laser-engraved slide-back plates. Made using titanium which has a high strength-to-weight ratio, these additions can be really useful for customizing your handgun.  These often come in a variety of colors too.

Magazine Base Plates

Similarly, magazine base plates are good upgrades that can help you quickly and simply customize your pistol. These will replace the plastic factory part with a lightweight aluminum plate that has been laser-engraved with the design of your choice.

Grip Plugs

Grip plugs are one of the best Glock gun accessories and another item that can be used to customize your Glock handgun, using similar statements and imagery as above.

Glock Gunsmith Tools

Accessories that don’t necessarily make a visual statement about who you are, but are nevertheless useful to have, include gunsmith tools designed especially for the Glock. The Armorer Disassembly Punch Tool is a useful one to have. It makes the job of stripping your Glock and removing the locking block, trigger housing, and trigger pins a lot quicker and simpler. This is a great addition to your cleaning kit and can be one of the best upgrades for Glocks.

Another great tool to have is the Front Sight Installation Tool. This is valuable in situations when you need to ensure a proper installation and the removal of front sights on your Glock pistol. Good options tend to feature a Hex wrench, an ergonomic injection molded handle, and a chic and durable finish.

If you are reading this article, the chances are you own a Glock and you are committed to taking it. You may even see it as an extension or representation of yourself. That makes the fact you can easily customize your Glock to better reflect your personality, even more appealing. Make sure you shop around to find the accessories that suit you and your Glock best and have fun!

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