Magazine Maintenance: Essential Tips For AR Magazine Cleanup

Are you a proud owner of an AR rifle? If so, you know that proper maintenance is crucial to keep your firearm in top condition. One often overlooked aspect of AR maintenance is magazine cleanup. Neglecting your AR magazines can lead to malfunctions, feeding issues, and other problems that can affect the performance of your rifle. 

In this blog post, we'll discuss essential tips for AR magazine cleanup that every gun owner should know. From disassembly and cleaning to lubrication and reassembly, we'll cover everything you need to keep your magazines in excellent condition.

 One critical aspect of magazine maintenance that you may not have considered is the rear slide back plate. This small but essential part plays a crucial role in the functioning of your magazine. We'll provide tips on how to choose the right glock model rear slide back plate and how to properly clean and lubricate it for optimal performance.

Additionally, we'll cover the different types of AR magazines available and how to choose the right one for your firearm. We'll also discuss the importance of proper storage and handling to prevent damage and prolong the lifespan of your magazines.

By following the tips and guidelines outlined in this post, you can ensure that your AR magazines are always in top condition and ready to perform when you need them most.

Let's Dive In And Explore The Essential Tips For AR Magazine Cleanup:

Tip#1 Disassemble Your Magazines

Before you start cleaning your AR magazines, you need to disassemble them. This will allow you to clean each individual part thoroughly and ensure that no dirt or debris is left behind. Take out the spring, follower, base plate, and any other parts that can be removed from the magazine.

Tip#2 Clean The Inside Of The Magazine Body 

Use a brush or a cloth to clean the inside of the magazine body. Pay special attention to the feed lips and the bottom of the magazine. These are the areas that are most likely to collect dirt, debris, and grime.

Tip#3 Clean The Spring And Follower

 The spring and follower are two of the most important parts of your AR magazine. Without them, your gun won't be able to feed ammunition properly. Use a cloth or a brush to clean these parts thoroughly. If they're particularly dirty, you can soak them in solvent for a few minutes to help loosen up the dirt. 

Tip#4 Check The Ejection Port Cover

While you're cleaning your AR magazines, it's also a good idea to check your ejection port cover. This is the cover that sits over the ejection port on your AR-15. Make sure it's functioning properly and isn't blocked by any dirt or debris. A blocked ejection port cover can cause your gun to malfunction and fail to eject spent casings.

Tip#5 Lubricate The Magazine

 Once you've cleaned your AR magazines, it's important to lubricate them properly. Use a light coat of gun oil or lubricant on all of the moving parts, including the spring, follower, and base plate. This will help ensure that your magazine feeds smoothly and reliably.

Tip#6 Test Your Magazines

After you've cleaned and lubricated your AR magazines, it's important to test them. Load them up with a few rounds of ammunition and make sure they feed properly. If you notice any feeding issues or other problems, you may need to repeat the cleaning process or replace the magazine altogether.

Tip#7 Store Your Magazines Properly

Proper storage is also important when it comes to AR magazine maintenance. Store your magazines in a cool, dry place to prevent rust and other damage. Make sure they're not exposed to moisture or direct sunlight, as this can also cause damage over time.

Tip#8 Clean Your Magazines Regularly

Finally, make sure to clean your AR magazines regularly. How often you need to clean them will depend on how frequently you use them, but as a general rule, you should aim to clean them at least once every few months. This will help ensure that they're in good working order and will prevent any potential malfunctions or feeding issues.


At the end of the day, proper magazine maintenance is essential for keeping AR magazines in top condition and ready for use. Routine and effective cleaning will ensure that your magazine is free from dirt, oil residue, and obstructing debris so you can enjoy your AR with confidence. Furthermore, regular inspection ensures that all AR parts remain in working order and can help you catch issues before they become overwhelming problems. If you take care to inspect, clean, lubricate, and store magazines properly on a consistent basis, your magazines will be reliable companions while out in the shooting range or field. All together this pinpoints how important it is to invest time in keeping your magazines well-maintained to get the performance of your desires when using your AR rifle.

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