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Bastion Braza D2 Steel Blade Mini Bro
Bastion Braza D2 Steel Blade Mini Bro
Bastion Braza D2 Steel Blade Mini Bro
Bastion Braza D2 Steel Blade Mini Bro
Bastion Braza D2 Steel Blade Mini Bro

Bastion Braza D2 Steel Blade Mini Bro

$ 39.99
  • D2 Steel
  • Ceramic Ball Bearing
  • Frame-lock Folder
  • Torx Stainless steel hardware
  • Total open length 4.8 inches

The perfect EDC tool is small but mighty! Be prepared for any task that comes your way! This is a companion to our popular Braza line of EDC cutting tools. The Braza Bro has a gallery of features that can be used to assist you with simple tasks, and big jobs! Ladies and gentlemen, it's not the size of the tool that matters, but how well made, functional and sharp it is.

  • Cutting Edge Length: 2.12 (53.9mm)  
  • Closed Lenth: 2.75 (70mm)  
  • Open Length: 4.77" (121.3mm)  
  • Total Weight: 1.48 oz  
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel  
  • Cutting Steel: D2 Tool Steel - heat treated for optimal edge hardness, strength and durability, stonewashed finish before grinding  
  • Spine Jimping: Spine is jimped for non-slip finger hold  
  • Bearing: Ceramic Ball Bearing - buttery smooth opening with no play.
  • Hardware: Torx Stainless steel  
  • Frame-lock: Adds security and strength  
  • Pocket Clip: Stainless Steel and removable if not needed.
  • Keychain and Lanyard Hole
  • Manual and Safe Operation: No spring, no assist, not automatic. 

Customer Reviews

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Bastion Braza D2 Steel Blade Mini Bro

Great knife!!!

The mini bro knife is a great little knife and at a great price.


Bastion Braza D2 Steel Blade Mini Bro

Tiny but satisfying

The Bastion Braza Mini Bro is a small knife and I knew that when I purchased it, bit when I opened the box I was still surprised by the size.
The knife has weight releif pockets into the stainless scales nice flipping action. If you were to slowly open and close the blade the bearings can be felt more where it's not completely smooth, but not noticable when flipping open. I don't hard use knives and this one I've used as a primary EDC a few days.

Pleases very critical knife nut with in-depth design suggestions.

-Socially acceptable, ultralight 2 inch blade. My favorite in just-emerging niche of tiny modern locking options. Girls think it's cute. Weight of steel handle is negligible in this tiny size but a real problem in larger model.
-Superb slicer with stellar factory edge, 0.015 in behind the edge, high flat grind on ~thin stock.
-D2 can be good steel, just oil occasionally. Edge retention is good and thin grind is easily sharpened.
-After oiling & breaking in, action is pretty good, firing reliably with proper technique. Lockup is solid with no play, though pivot construction could have easily have been more durable. Still stronger than the Bestech Sapphire & Rike H.Bird.
-I don't feel bad throwing this in the bottom of my pocket with keys, unlike competitor's color anodized Ti minis; change pocket or pocket clip are also ok.
-Nice aesthetics and mostly practical design in a very efficient form factor. Good fit & finish with chamfering.
-Mostly good ergonomics for solid 3-finger grip.

Design refinements - (Cons)
-Tiny pivot limits durability, & blade didn't need to be milled down so near to it. The form factor could accommodate reinforcement with no drawbacks. The rest of the construction is much more robust (assuming you properly hardened the fasteners, I didn't check)
-Harpoonish tip serves no practical purpose. I ground it off to leave a nice wharn/sheeps/drop like the Kershaw Bareknuckle that doesn't protrude when piercing or closed and is equally robust.
-Index finger grip is sized for small children- make it bigger.
-Frame lock protrudes further past the other scale than necessary.
-Price is only compelling at $27 (sale + code), not standard $40 in today's market. Not much niche competition yet…
-Extend the bottom corner of the handle butt by a couple mm to prevent minor accidental blade tip nicks by careless users.
-Shallow clip can be rotated very slightly and fits thin slacks far better than jeans
-Add slight texture ...