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I bought the carbon fiber and stainless steel pens through Kickstarter. The stainless steel is my every day carry work pen. This carbon fiber variant is the slightly more luxurious brother. The finish on both pens is superb. The design of the pen from one end to the other is well thought out and considered. The mechanism is simply the most robust and well designed mech I have used. The pen clip ( which is usually the first thing to break) is indestructible. These pens are a pleasure to hold and write with, as well as being bullet proof. Thank you for a fantastic product that just does its job exceptionally . John, Sunbuy, Australia.


I. Would not say i am a pen snob but I do appreciate any product that is designed well and simply does its job. I bought one of each pen through the Kickstarter and was blown away when they arrived. The quality of the machining is simply exceptional, the pen mechanism is extremely well designed and superb in its simplicity and the way the action works. The pen is so solid and heavy you know when it is in your pocket, and best of all one of my normal peeves has been addressed. Thr retaining clip is very robust and bullet proof. If you clip this pen into your shirt pocket it will never fall out. I am a tradesman and this pen has become my every day carry pen for quoting jobs. It is indestructible and is a pleasure to use. I have packed away my fisher space pens and my Parker, this is my favorite. Thank you for another stellar Bastion product, as always beauty and strength.


Ordered two of these , one for myself and one as a gift. What an awesome minimalist wallet. It carries all of my cards and a few notes folded up safely. My old leather wallet was very bulky and uncomfortable in my pocket. The way my cards were stacked meant that they were getting damaged and had to be replaced regularly. The old wallet was also giving me a back ache as it was too bulky in my back pocket. This fantastic wallet has fixed all of this. Highly recommended product that simply does what it is designed to do very very well. Thank you. John, Sunbury, Australia


AR-15 Custom Laser Engraved Ejection Port Dust Cover YOU'RE FUCKED

Back plates

Great fitment and quick shipping

Review of S&W M&P (Mod. 1) Rear Slide Plate

The item, as sold by Bastion, is unsatisfactory. I purchased 3 to place on 3 M&Ps (Mod. 1) & none of them fit. They were slightly oversized & I could not force them on the slide. I called Bastion & they sent me a return USPS authorization & I returned them & received a refund on my credit card. Bastion service was OK but the product was not!

Great for personalizing a common 22lr rifle.

Great release that makes changeing mags a breeze.

My mistake

So I ordered a back plate for my slide of my M&P shield on the mobile version of the website. Accidentally hitting the standard model of the M&P. They told me to send it back and they would send me the shield version. Totally my fault but they helped me out. And for no extra cost. Saw a lot of cool products so I will definitely be ordering from them again. Thanks guys.

Oh yeah!!

That’s the way, ah hah, ah hah, I like it, ah ha, ah ha.

Magazine tool for Glock 17

I bought the Glock 17 mag. disassembly tool. Great price, amazing quality and free shipping. Got it on Saturday. Looked at it, was machined perfectly, looked great, neat package, however I could not figure how to use it. So on SUNDAY I e-mailed them " How does this thing work ?" About 30 minutes later, ON SUNDAY, a video appeared in my e-mail with instructions on how to use it. What service ! Then they followed up later asking how it went. My third purchase from them and every transaction has been flawless. To quote Butch and Sundance : " Who are these guys ? " They are the best and their products are perfect !

Great quality

No complaints I even received my parts three days sooner than expected

Glock base plate removal tool

Great item, works well


Great, Love the Bible verses!

Great products

Quick shipping, products fit to specks, awesome costumer service.



AR-15 Custom Laser Engraved Ejection Port Dust Cover PSALM 23:4

S&W shield slide backplate

I bought the Shield back plate with my initials on it. This is a great compliment to
the gun. When people see this they always give compliments and say how it stands out.

Quality parts

All the customized parts I ordered from you guys worked out great on my AR15! They all make the gun a little more unique, they all went together well, delivered timely also. Thank you!

The Set

I love these as sets i have the flag and pirate for the slide and mag they look great and i am very fond of them i also have one that is my favorite and that one is the great seal I'm a little disappointed that i purchased this with the others and cannot get the mag end of the set its been months now and that just plain old sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great, quick shipping and awesome products!

Great material very small text

Text is way too small call hardly read it, however it is of sound construction

Perfect for my M&P9!!!

Absolutely awesome!!! Shipping was fast, it’s aluminum instead of plastic, it fits perfectly & I love it. Also it came with a few stickers & stuff so that was cool for my safe LOL. Ordering some matching floor plates for my magazines this payday


Great just as I expected it to be. Can't wait to get them installed

High quality parts

Nice aluminum parts and they are trimmed and prim just right. Texas flag on mine has not taken any damage.

Superb Value

The Barza CF is a great value. Dialed in detent that flips open with authority, yet allows for easy opening with the thumb stud. Super presentation with box, tools and cloth. Came sharp and the fit and finish are really top notch. Suggestions: Make the CF a little more grippy and increase the pass through for closing the knife. I would definitely recommend this knife.


Backed this in the Kickstarter, and absolutely love it. It feels fantastic and weighty in the hand and is great to fidget. Time to learn fun pen tricks!

Rear slide back plate

Very good quality part detailed american flag




Everything I ordered was shipped quickly, all the products were well made and went right into place.



Great products

High quality items and great selection. Thanks.

back plkste

Easy to install and arrived quickly.


Rear Slide Plate for SW M&P 9MM .40 .45 ACP - BASTION SKULL


Better than described and I received it before the given delivery date.


Great, well crafted, piece. You guys are great. Thank you.


I love this product. Reasonable price. I ordered it Monday and it was here on Thursday with standard shipping. Installed in just a few minutes with no trouble and looks great.

Thank you bastion gear!

This video shows you exactly how it's done

Watch "M&P Shield Back Plate Installation" on YouTube

single clip holster

Fits great and is easy to take on and off I love it


Everything arrived quickly and in tact


Braza S35VN Blade EDC Folding Knife - Titanium Handle

excellent purchase

I was initially dissapointed, as I thought the print was on both the inside and outside of the cover when I ordered it, but, once I realized that it wasnt advertised as so (my error) I went ahead and put it on-and liked it better without print on the outside. The quality of the etching was fantastic, I have zero complaints about the product and would definetly buy again if I needed to. And the service and shipping were superb.

Ruger 10 22 extended mag release

This is a great item, makes magazine changes in the old 10 22 a one handed deal now. very easy to install.

Excellent Service and shipping!

I purchased this slide back plate for my wife’s G42. Fit and finish is excellent! Thanks Bastion!

Works well

Fit great on my Glock 23 no problems what’s so ever

Awesome blade and beard comb

Wife got me the g10. Carry it everyday. Blade is sharp, and comb works great on my 7 month beard. Couldn't ask for a better combo

M&P shield slide plate

Great product and fit, will order from here again

No issues

I ordered a rear plate slide, and an extended slide release. I’m really happy with both products, and got them in a timely manner.


Great products quick delivery. I can’t stress the quality of the products and the on time delivery





Like it

Love the new back plate. Fits perfect


Ordered some pieces for my new glock 43 and everything showed up at the same time and within a week of the order. Would definitely reccomend